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Zesty Sauces: Homemade Sauces with a Bold and Spicy Spin - Get Your Copy Today

Zesty Sauces: Homemade Sauces with a Bold and Spicy Spin - Get Your Copy Today

Welcome, Jalapeno Lovers, to our December Newsletter

Hello, Jalapeno Lover! It's time for the wonderul Holidays! Are you planning any special dinner menus? Party themes? I hope they involve chili peppers. Jalapenos especially!

We're discounting our books for your stocking stuffer needs, and we have plenty of new jalapeno and chili pepper information below. Don't forget to sign up for our main site at www.chilipeppermadness.com. Visit now!

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Our Latest Jalapeno Madness Newsletter Contents:

  • Featured Recipe! Spicy Jambalaya with Jalapeno and Serrano Peppers
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  • New Cookbook Available! 1 Million Plus: Cooking with the World's Hottest Chili Peppers
  • New Blog Posts about Jalapenos and Chili Peppers - salmon tacos, homemade guacamole, spicy soup recipes, discounts on our cookbooks, and more!
  • Jalapeno Poppers and Other Stuffed Peppers - The Cookbook!
  • Feedback Welcomed

Featured Jalapeno Recipe!

We're always cooking new jalapeno pepper-themed recipes! We're doing a bit of rearranging of the jalapeno pepper recipes page, so be sure to check it out. Check out the Jalapeno Pepper Recipes page here.

Spicy Jambalaya with Jalapeno and Serrano Peppers

Spice up your next hearty Cajun Jambalaya recipe with an extra dose of jalapeno peppers and serrano peppers. We made ours with loads of sauteed shrimp, andouille sausage, and seasoned chicken. Super delicious!

Spicy Jambalaya with Jalapeno and Serrano Peppers

View This Recipe Online!

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New Cookbook Available! 1 Million Plus: Cooking with the World's Hottest Chili Peppers

Save 20% Today! Great Stocking Stuffer!

New Cookbook Available! 1 Million Plus: Cooking with the World's Hottest Chili Peppers

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  • An Introduction to Our Collection
  • What is a Superhot Chili Pepper?
  • Ten Tips for Cooking with Superhots  
  • Types of Superhot Chili Peppers
  • Superhot Sauces
  • Superhot Hot Sauces
  • Superhot Salsas
  • Superhot Dips and Spreads
  • Kick-Start Your Morning
  • Pots of Super Heat
  • Superhot Dude Food
  • Superhot Seafood
  • Ornery Odds and Ends
  • Desserts and Sweets with Heat
  • Infusing Alcohols and Vinegars
  • Making Superhot Chili Oils
  • Dehydrating and Making Chili Powders
  • Making Superhot Salts

Order NowOrder Jalapeno Madness: Jalapeno Recipes Galore! from Amazon.com Order from BN.com

Save 20% Today! Great Stocking Stuffer!

More Recipes and Posts from the Chili Pepper Madness Site - Stop By and Comment!

Here are the posts since the last newsletter.

Make Your Own Spicy Salt Blends

If you've ever perused the aisles of a specialty food store, you've probably encountered a variety of salt blends available to you. There are some wonderful blends and combinations for pretty much anything you might need. You might even own a few. I do. I've received them as gifts and I've picked some up myself. But, I soon realized that I wanted specific blends of my own, and the stores just weren't selling them.

Chicken Tortilla Soup

I know this guy that keeps talking about soups and how much he dislikes the cold winter, even though it isn't even winter yet, but every time you turn around he's making some kind of soup to warm his bones. OK, fine, that guy is ME. I admit it. I think I have a soup disorder. I am ALWAYS nice to the Soup Nazi because I can't go without my soup.

Chicken and Black Bean Stuffed Poblano Peppers

'Tis the season for stuffed peppers! Actually, around here, it is ALWAYS the season for stuffed peppers. Can't help it. We both just LOVE stuffed pepper recipes and they're easy to put together. Not only that, they're darned delicious and allow you to get creative with your cooking. With Thanksgiving over (to our family and American friends/readers), you might have leftover turkey or chicken in the fridge right now. This recipe would be PERFECT for leftovers. If not, start from scratch, but hey! It's worth it. Ideal for any time of the year, of course. I mean...STUFFED PEPPERS!

10 Spicy Soup Recipes from the Source

So we're sitting here and it's cold outside. Brrrrr! And it's a bit snowy. And tomorrow is a holiday and everyone is cooking like crazy and I just want to warm the bones a bit with something. What else warms the bones better than SOUP? Coco? I'm not in the mood for coco and I'm hungry. So soup it is. Since you're in the mood for soup, too - I can sense these things, it is rather uncanny - here is a collection of 10 soup recipes with a spicy spin to help you choose. Of course we had to spice things up a little. Not TOO spicy. Just nicely BOLD. With flavor!

How to Make Sun Dried Tomatoes

Right next to our gorgeous chili peppers we grew in the garden this year, we also grew a SLEW of just-as-gorgeous tomatoes. We grow them every year, but this year we picked up some fabulous heirloom tomato plants during a visit to Asheville, NC, and gave them a try. Talk about flavor. Heirlooms are BY FAR my favorite types of tomatoes, and luckily there is a large variety to choose from.

5th Annual Super Spicy Holiday Sale

At Chili Pepper Madness, we enjoy sharing our love for spicy food, and for the holiday season, we're very happy to spread the word about some outstanding artisan product makers. Now is a great time to stock up on all your favorite spicy foods, from hot sauces to rubs to salsas and more.  We encourage our Chilehead friends to support these small market companies and the small market companies to support the Chilehead Community.

Super Creamy Butternut Squash Soup with Spicy Smoked Sausage

We got our first blast of winter here, folks. Even now as I gaze out the window, we're blanketed with a solid 8 inches of snow and the temps are below freezing at the moment. Can't say we're big fans of winter, but at least we have butternut squash soup to warm us up. Ahhh, butternut squash soup. It's one of those uber winter recipes. Something to stick to the bones. Of course we want to make ours a little bit spicy, but we also want it creamy this time. Super creamy. It's easy to achieve and it will knock your socks off. Seriously.

The Hottest Damn Hot Sauce I Ever Made

OK, my friends. It is time to reveal one of the hottest hot sauces I have ever made in my own kitchen. Yes, it is homemade and it is crazy hot. Crazy hot in a good sort of way, the way only a serious chilihead can enjoy. Or any true heat lover. The story is this. I was putting the finishing touches on my new cookbook, "1 Million Plus! Cooking with the World's Hottest Chili Peppers" and I had acquired a couple of pounds of superhot chili peppers to complete a photo shoot for the cover and promotional materials. We took our photos and when everything was wrapped up, I had the wonderful benefit of having a LOT of superhots to work with. I also grew a slew of peppers in our own garden this year. We're talking Carolina Reapers, Scorpions, a couple of 7-Pot varieties. And that was what I had. A big variety.

Pumpkin and Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast

I woke up this morning with a SERIOUS hankering for French toast. Has this ever happened to you? I have no idea where it came from. Maybe I stayed out too late. Maybe I didn't have enough for dinner. Whatever it was, I needed French toast and I needed it BAD. I knew we already had pumpkin puree in the house. It's that time of year, my friends. Who doesn't have pumpkin right now? I had cream cheese. I had all the seasonings. AND! I had buttermilk in the fridge from a previous recipe. Oh baby! I was ready.

Guacamole with Pomegranate Seeds

Earlier this year, Patty and I took a family trip to the Grand Canyon. We flew into Phoenix and stayed the night so we could get a view of the city. Phoenix is a pretty cool place. And by cool, I mean HOT. Hotter than we're used to, though I'm sure we'll be looking for that heat come winter time. Patty had done a bit of research of where we all might enjoy dinner, and she found a place called El Barrio. Check it out here: http://www.barriocafe.com/. Great place!

Extra Hot Apple Cider Punch

Patty here for your Thirsty Thirteenth! Who doesn’t love hot apple cider? Especially on those cooling fall nights. And especially when you spike it with rum and take the heat up an extra notch with some habanero peppers. Yeah, we went there. We had a party planned at our house for after an outdoor beer tasting in late October. It was that weird time of year when it’s sunny and fairly warm one day and cloudy and chilled the next.

Celebrate National Pepper Month

November is National Pepper Month and we couldn’t be more excited at Chili Pepper Madness. Of course we celebrate chili peppers all year long – Hey, we’re Chili Pepper Madness! But, November is extra meaningful because more and more people are talking about peppers and how to enjoy them.

Sweet and Spicy Cashew Chicken with Peppers

File this one under Quick and Easy. I need more of those! We have been CRAZY busy here lately. We've taken on a number of web projects for our business, and I have been working on a rewrite to a screenplay I just sold. The producer notes weren't crazy, but there was still a bit of back and forth. Plus we had a fun beer tasting event this weekend, so I couldn't cook. So we needed quick meals this week! I often think pasta for quick meals, but there are SO many other options when you need to whip something together.

Pumpkin and Goat Cheese Pasta with Roasted Peppers and Sage

I'm pretty darned happy it is pumpkin season. For all the complaining I do about the impending cold weather, there is always the PLUS that I at least have ready access to pumpkin. We both greatly enjoy fall vegetables, particularly pumpkin and squash, and it is both fun and tasty to incorporate them into meals. Pumpkin purees up nicely, making for a consistent sauce. The flavor of pumpkin is unmistakable.

Check out more at our Chili Pepper Madness Web Site.


Jalapeno Poppers and Other Stuffed Chili Peppers

Jalapeno Poppers and Other Stuffed Peppers

The Jalapeno Poppers Cookbook from Jalapeno Madness

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100+ classic and original jalapeno popper and stuffed chili pepper recipes and more! If you love jalapeno poppers, you'll love this collection of recipes with notes on coring, breading, sauces, stuffing ideas and more, along with unique recipes and those you've seen in restaurants.

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