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Welcome, Jalapeno Lovers, to our January Newsletter

Hello, Jalapeno Lover! Happy New Year! I seriously can't believe it is already 2015. I am both shocked and excited. The holidays are over and they were fun, with plenty of time spent with family and friends, but 2015 promises travel and plenty of jalapeno peppers! Yes! I can't wait. Alas, we are in the throes of winter, but that doesn't stop us from enjoying some of our favorite meals. You just have to go with the flow. Like how. Here we go! Onto the newsletter.

Our Latest Jalapeno Madness Newsletter Contents:

  • New Recipes! Turkey Ancho Stew with Jalapeno Peppers and Pecan Encrusted Salmon with Sweet Pepper Pesto
  • New Blog Posts about Jalapenos and Chili Peppers - Top 3 Recipes of 2014 from the Chili Pepper Madness site, Pork Roulade with Romesco Sauce, Thai Chicken Wings, A Super AWESOME drink from Patty and more!
  • Jalapeno Poppers and Other Stuffed Peppers - The Cookbook!
  • Meet the NEW Chili Pepper Madness! Our New Web Site is NOW LIVE
  • Feedback Welcomed

New Jalapeno Recipes!

We're always cooking new jalapeno pepper-themed recipes! We're doing a bit of rearranging of the jalapeno pepper recipes page, so be sure to check it out. Check out the Jalapeno Pepper Recipes page here.

Turkey Ancho Stew with Jalapeno Peppers

An excellent use of that leftover hoiday turkey! We always love a good stew, especially one with so many fresh vegetables, and especially with jalapeno peppers and rehydrated ancho chili peppers. Yum.

Turkey Ancho Stew with Jalapeno Peppers

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Pecan Encrusted Salmon with Sweet Pepper Pesto

A recipe for salmon encrusted with pecans and topped with a sweet pepper pesto sauce and roasted jalapeno peppers. Extra jalapeno peppers for me, please. We served ours with rigatoni noodles to help scoop up the pesto. Yum.

Pecan Encrusted Salmon with Sweet Pepper Pesto

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If you make a recipe and love it, drop me a line or send in some pics!
I'll post them on the web site.

More jalapeno recipes

More Recipes and Posts from the Chili Pepper Madness Site - Stop By and Comment!

Pesto with Roasted Italian Red Peppers

Pesto! The uber-Italian sauce that is one of life's perfect treats. We're both major suckers for a good pesto. Traditional is awesome, of course, but you can add in some variations to bring in new flavors. Like chili peppers. Or how about roasted chili peppers? Yes! 

Happy 2015 - Top 3 Recipes

Happy New Year! Cheers to 2015! As the new year approaches, we like to reflect on the previous year and all the good that came from it. Patty and I are so thankful to all of our family and friends, both old and new, and we appreciate having everyone in our lives. We had a wonderful year in business and we made it through healthy, which is the most important thing. Mike had a productive year with his writing. He released another cookbook this year, finished two feature film screenplays, and is nearing the release of a novel publication early next year. Can the guy stop writing? Patty became even more heavily involved with the Chili Pepper Madness web site, which resulted in the relaunch, and she also took several photography courses and is really learning. Such a fun year!

Pork Roulade with Romesco Sauce

The big New Year's Eve bash in the neighborhood is getting close and we're teaming up with some of the other neighbors to pull off an evening of elegant small plates. It's a big menu with 9 items as well as a raw bar. I am in charge of the stuffed mushrooms, butternut squash-scallop risotto, 4-cheese-asparagus tarts, and the pork roulade. Here is the dry run of the pork. I'm used to cooking for two, or sometimes smaller groups, but we're having close to 30 people this year so I like to do dry runs. 

Thai Chicken Wings with Chili-Peanut Sauce

Whenever Patty has a girls night out, I get to make anything I want. Oftentimes that is chicken wings because I make them as hot as I want. That may include Moruga Wings or Reaper Wings, but not this time. This time I went Thai style. I had myself some bright Orange Thai Chili Peppers and they were screaming for a Thai version of this recipe. These particular peppers aren't very hot. They're quite mild, in fact. You can spice things up with powders or with additional red Thai peppers, but we're focusing on flavor here. You grind them up into a paste with garlic and peanuts and that forms the base of your sauce. I used my molcajete for this. Like this! Here is your paste. Keep grinding.

How to Cure a Molcajete

Cooking is an art. When you first learn to cook, it’s a bit different, especially when you don’t have a teacher standing over you. You follow recipes step by step at first, stumbling along the way, until one day you pick up methods and begin to alter recipes, then create your own. Soon after, you’ll start to realize you need more tools in the kitchen to make things a little easier. Or better.

Sparkling Blood Orange-Ginger Sangria

Hi everybody, it’s Patty. Most of our posts are from Mike because I leave the cooking to him. But he leaves the drinks to me. I’ve been dubbed the neighborhood mixologist and when I realized that today was National Sangria Day, and I just happened to be going to a neighborhood party, it was a no brainer.

Taco Style Stuffed Bell Peppers

Stuffed peppers! Did you know that we have a slight obsession with stuffed chili peppers? Considering that I wrote an entire cookbook dedicated to them, I'm sure it will come as no surprise, but it has to be said - the stuffed chili pepper is a cause for celebration. This recipe uses the sweet bell pepper. We were at the local grocery store, working our way through the produce section, and these peppers leaped into the cart. Look at the colors. The brightness, the vivid orange and yellow, the plumpness of the skins. They were begging to be stuffed. Since the holidays are arriving and we both need to hold back on the calorie intake in preparation for all the upcoming celebration eating, we opted for a lighter fare recipe this time.

Chicken and Feta Stuffed Sweet Peppers

I've said this many times - chili peppers are the ideal vessels for stuffing. Not all of them, of course, but there are so many large ones out there in the world, just begging for you to stuff them. The larger peppers tend to be sweeter and milder, with thicker flesh that stand up to baking or your preferred preparation. Stuffed peppers are also the perfect meal. A veggie serving in every bite! You can turn any number of meals into a stuffed pepper meal. For this recipe, I used the sweet Liebesapfel chili pepper. Liebesapfel, you say? Yes, I did! It is a cute little pepper that looks quite a bit like an apple or a tiny gourd or pumpkin. The flavor is sweet and the flesh is rather thick, though not as thick as a sweet bell pepper. The name is German and it means "Love Apple". Very cool name, if you ask me, and I think you WILL love this pepper. Learn more about the Liebesapfel Chili Pepper Here

Spicy Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies

Talk about fun. Patty had a gathering in the neighborhood with a number of her girlfriends for a cookie night. It wasn't so much an exchange, but more an excuse to get together, have a few cocktails, socialize, and eat cookies. All of our friends know how much we enjoy spicy food, so this was an opportunity to play with cookies. Spicy cookies, you might ask? Absolutely. Chocolate and spice always pair well. I like to put a bit of chocolate or cocoa into certain chili recipes, and there are a number of chocolate bars on the market that incorporate chili powders. The key is finding the proper spice level.

Goat Cheese Guacamole Burgers

Three words. Goat. Cheese. Guacamole. Over seared beef burgers. Yes! And plenty of roasted jalapeno peppers. We usually cook our burgers in the summer, when I can fire up the grill and sit outside with a beer, feel the sun on our faces, just sort of hang out and enjoy the backyard. But last night there was a hankering. Can't we just have a burger? Yes, we can. Get yourself some ground chuck. It's more flavorful for burgers. 80/20 is good - that's 20 percent fat. Sure, it might be more fat than you want, but this is a beef burger. You might as well go all the way.

Check out more at our Chili Pepper Madness Web Site.


Jalapeno Poppers and Other Stuffed Chili Peppers

Jalapeno Poppers and Other Stuffed Peppers

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