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Jalapeno Madness - jalapeno pepper recipes, cookbook, and jalapeno pepper funJalapeno Madness - jalapeno pepper recipes, cookbook, and jalapeno pepper funOwn the Jalapeno Madness Cookbook Now!Own the Jalapeno Madness Cookbook Now!

About the Author of Jalapeno Madness

Michael J. Hultquist

Hey, everybody. I get loads of emails asking about jalapeno peppers and chili peppers in general. I normally just post the information to the site as the questions roll in, which is why Jalapeno Madness has grown so large, and also why we've spawned the new sites, Chili Pepper Madness, Habanero Madness - see our other Madness sites. I've been getting questions about me as well, so I figured I'd post an author page.

So, my name is Michael J. Hultquist and I am a jalapeno lover. Shocked? Amazed? It is true. I'm a jalapeno pepper enthusaist and general chili pepper lover. On the nutrition side, I've earned a Certificate in Nutrition Essentials from Huntington College of Health Sciences, and am happy to bring my knowledge of nutrition and love of cooking to this site.

There is more to me than jalapeno peppers, though not much. Here's a bit more info.


Yes, I am a represented screenwriter and am represented by Zero Gravity Management. They produced my film, VICTIM, co-written with Robert Martinez. Here is the IMDB link if you'd care to take a look. It was released in 2010. I also co-wrote the original script for ARENA, starring Samuel L. Jackson and Kellan Lutz. Here is some more info on IMDB. I have a number of other scripts out there, so please wish me luck in landing development deals for them.

Fiction Author and Novelist

I love to write fiction, mostly darker stuff, horror, thrillers. I've published 2 fiction novels and numerous short stories, and have even edited an anthology. Lots more info about my fiction works at my personal web site at I hope you'll read my stuff one day!

Business Owner

I currently own and operate Quist Interactive, Inc., where I develop web sites for clients of all sizes. I build sites like Jalapeno Madness for other people, focusing on design, ecommerce, search engine optimization, eLearning, multimedia, and more. You can see all of our services at We'd be happy to work for you!

Personal Interests

When I'm not cooking with jalapeno peppers, experimenting with other chili peppers, writing (screenplays, short stories, novels, recipes, jalapeno info), I'm happily drinking beer or watching movies or reading a good book. Yes, I love beer!



Chili Pepper Health Benefits

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