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Jalapeno Pepper Resources

Pepper Seeds

Burpee Seed Co.
Free catalog. Order bedding plants & accessories. Also a Q&A section, where you can ask questions and have them answered by Burpee's experts online.

Cross Country Nurseries -
This year we will be growing 147 varieties of chiles. Our chiles are grown in 2½" x 2½" x 3½" deep plastic pots, without petrochemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. This is a nice transplant size that has a great root system to produce fast. Have Orange Habaneros, Red Savinas (Red Habs), Congo Blacks (Chocolate Habs), Yucatan (white) Habaneros. Located in New Jersey. Many On the chile Head List have had nothing but great things to say about this company. All comments I have recieved come from satisfied customers.

Johnny's Selected Seeds -
Johnny's Selected Seeds is a retail, mail order supplier of vegetable seeds, medicinal and culinary herb seeds ,and flower seeds. We also offer a unique collection of hard-to-find, high quality, gardening accessories.

Plants of the Southwest -
Agua Fria Road, Rt 6 Box 11A, Santa Fe, NM 87501 - Order: (800) 788-7333
Specializing in drought tolerant native plants and seeds.

Redwood Seeds -
Claim that the Chile Tepin is the Worlds hottest pepper!

Sandlot Seeds -
A sadistic varity of hot hot seeds to grow your own garden of fire. Nothing wimpier than jalapino on the scovel scale of heat here. Order now for early spring planting. get planting instructions, recipies and other usefull information

Seeds Of Change -
We guarantee every seed pack and product unconditionally. We have carefully chosen products that meet our high standards...standards that have produced the superior 100% Certified Organic seeds that we have been growing since our beginnings in 1989.

Superseeds -
Pinetree Garden Seeds was begun in 1979 to provide home gardeners with seeds in appropriate sized packages. From this one page flyer we have grown to a 160 page catalog that includes, bulbs, plants, tools, and a distinguished selection of gardening books as well as 800 varieties of vegetable, flower, and herb seeds.

Sow Organic -
Sow Organic is certified organic by the "Oregon Tilth Certified" program and recognized by the States of Oregon and California. This year the growers at Sow Organic offer over 150 varieties of personally grown organic vegetable, herb and flower seeds.

Territorial Seeds -
Chillie Plants start to be available from late spring. We try to have everything available by the time of the Chilli Festival in March. We like to have lots of display plants dripping with fruit at the time of the Festival Plant prices range from about $5.95 -$9.95. Large advanced plants or rare plants start from $20.

Cool Chili Pepper Products

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Chili Pepper Health Benefits

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