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4 Ways to Fight the Jalapeno Fumes When Frying Jalapenos

Love frying up sliced jalapeno peppers but can't stand the fumes? Yes, sometimes when using a frying pan in the open air kitchen, you'll notice the fumes that make it a little hard to breathe. You'll notice this not only with jalapeno peppers and other chili peppers, but with some spices and oils as well. We've been cooking with jalapeno peppers a long time, and the best ways to fight these fumes include:

Open the Window

Basic, but it does work. If you let some air into the room, you'll dilute the fumes, and you'll also provide a way for the fumes to escape. Since fumes tend to rise, open windows in a higher part of the house to allow escape and provide air flow.

The Oven Fan

This really works on the HIGH setting. Start off with it right away. The fan will suck the fumes directly up from the stove top and spit them outside where they can go on their merry way.

Use a Lid

This doesn't work all the time by itself, but helps when used with the fan. Keep the lid slightly cocked to let some air in and the fan or window will take care of much of the rest.

Try Alternate Cooking Methods

If you still have trouble with the fumes, try baking or roasting your jalapeno peppers. Baking or roasting provide simple yet effective ways to cook up your peppers, and also makes it easy for you to remove the pepper skins for recipes such as sauces and salsas. Or, if the weather permits, cook your jalapeno peppers outside on the grill. It will be difficult for the fumes to get you out there.

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