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Top 10 Jalapeno Madness Recipes - by Popularity

We have loads and loads of recipes at Jalapeno Madness, and looking at our stats, we thought we'd report on the most popular jalapeno pepper recipes based on the number of total visits. Now to be fair, some recipes are newer than others, but as of August 1, 2010, here is our list.

1. Jalapeno Poppers Recipe - Breaded, Restaurant Style

No surprise here. Everyone loves a good breaded jalapeno popper, and they're so popular in restaurants. Why not make them at home?

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2. Jalapeno Poppers Recipe

Again, no surprise here! It's good to start with the basic of making a jalapeno popper, so why not start with the easy one. Easy but delicious!

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3. Recipe for Canning or Jarring Jalapeno Peppers

Every year, people with an overabundance of jalapeno peppers from their garden harvest wonder what to do with all those jalapenos. Canning is a great way to preserve them.

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4. Jalapeño Hot Sauce Recipe

Hot sauce! Who doesn't love hot sauce? And jalapeno hot sauce? Yeah, we're in. And so are you, apparently.

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5. Jalapeño Cream Cheese Appetizers

Jalapeno peppers are extremely popular for appetizers, and this one will make you very popular at parties.

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6. Cheese Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers - On the Grill

Mmmm. Cheese stuffed jalapenos. On the grill. Melted cheese inside a jalapeno. Mmmm.

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7. Simple Candied Jalapeño Peppers

Candies jalapeno peppers are very delicious, and go perfectly over desserts of all kinds. This page gets LOTS of traffic.

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8. Heap O'Jalapeno Jelly

Jalapeno jelly is a wonderful spread, sweet and spicy, but you don't have to limit yourself to toast. Spread it over fish and chicken to enhance your meals.

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9. Delicious Jalapeño Relish

We relish this recipe. Great for summertime grilling. One of our original recipes that still gets lots of hits.

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10. Jalapeno Downtown Chicken Recipe

It's actually very cool that this recipe is one our more popular in terms of visits. This is an original recipe we devised when we decided to really dig into our "madness" endeavors and come up with something truly original. We're glad you like the results.

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